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We understand that every home has their own individual security and automation needs. Here at V3 Security, we give you the option to mix-and-match your home security products. Our products page allows you to look at the many different home automation and security items and decide how best to optimize your home security.

V3 Security has the latest and greatest home security accessories. Our products offer the best security monitoring, paired with state-of-the-art technology that makes them easy to use.

Whether you’re interested in more of the mobile control package, the fixed camera options, or something as simple as our programmable deadbolts, V3 Security has the home security and home automation technology that is best for your home’s individual needs.

V3 Security is proud to service the residents of Dallas with high-quality home security and automation products for security, medical, fire, mobile control, and camera monitoring. We know how important your home and family safety is, so we offer high quality security products to ensure that you, and those most important to you, are safe.


Image Sensor

Cameras are cool, but if you don’t have Internet, your options can be limited. An image sensor offers the perfect solution for homes that want to Read more »

Glassbreak sensor

Glassbreak Sensor

Burglars climbing through windows is one concern, but the ability to bypass those sensors and just break the glass presents a new point of entry for potential Read more »

Cellular Transmissions

Cellular Transmission

The CDMA cellular radio ensures that downed phone lines will never bother you again, and you can even have the financial benefit of getting rid of your Read more »


V3 Touch Panel

Your home security system has never been as high-tech as this. The V3 Security Touch Panel allows for full home automation and truly proves that the future Read more »


Fixed Camera

Our cameras are there to keep your home safe and to make sure that you know what’s going on at your place of residence or business at all times. Our Read more »


Door Lock

The days of leaving a key under the mat, or getting one of those easy to spot hide-a-key rocks, are done with. Not only are those tricks pretty easy to Read more »



We know that saving money is extremely important to you, and our energy management solutions give you the ultimate temperature control over your home or Read more »


Lighting Control

With our lighting control systems, you have the ability to cut your carbon footprint, and your electricity bill, nearly in half. Studies show that one Read more »


Mobile Control

Being able to keep your home safe is absolutely essential, but being able to keep your home safe with your smart phone is pretty awesome. Using our smartphone Read more »


Garage Door Module

Have you ever been driving down the road and realized you are not sure if you closed your garage door? You won’t have to turn around and drive back to Read more »

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