How much does it cost?

Basic service is in the $40s and higher end systems are in the $70s per month. As far as equipment goes call into the office or fill out this form with a quote request.

What happens if there is a break in?

The alarm sirens at 90 decibels and the intercom activates with the monitoring station asking for verification with your password. If it is not given, the backup number is called and then the police are called if no one answers.

Is this hackable?

Yes and so is everything else which is why you create a password only you know.

Will the wireless signal mess with my internet?

No, the signals being sent are “RF” or 345megahertz from sensor to panel, the cellular chip inside the panel is using 4G cell phone towers to communicate, and if you have automation equipment it is using z-wave which is a frequency encrypted which allows them to operate without wifi.

I saw an alarm advertised online for $15 a month and no contract why does this cost more?

We can change our brake pads on our own car but we choose to have a professional do it. We are a service that fixes it for you, installs it for you, and troubleshoots it for you, however we offer a do it yourself program just call in and ask for a quote. You pick and choose what you want, we send it to you and you install it or we can have a professional technician install it for you. We also will not use wifi only for monitoring as the reliability is not as strong as a sealed cellular unit with a backup battery.

I worry about my mom or dad home alone do you have anything I can get them so I know they are safe?

We do a personal panic button but they have to press it if there is an emergency and you will be alerted with a phone call from us telling you what we hear over the intercom at their home. It is cellular and can be tied into their alarm.

What if something breaks in the future? Are service calls expensive?

We warranty all the equipment we install and charge max $25 for a service call after 90s days from installation date.

What if I call in with a problem at 2 am?

A human will answer your call 24/7 and troubleshoot your problem and set up a time for a technician if need be.

Another company has the same pricing as you why should I choose you?

We are local and you are supporting the local Dallas economy by subscribing to our service. Plus our clients are pleased check out our testimonials.