Lighting Control


With our lighting control systems, you have the ability to cut your carbon footprint, and your electricity bill, nearly in half.

Studies show that one of the biggest wastes of energy in the average home is lighting. People keep lights on in rooms that they’re not in, and lots of people leave lights on when they leave the home. For a long time, people have used their indoor lights as a deterrent for burglars, and while that can be an effective tactic, we know how much of a waste of energy that can be. However, with our home automation system, you can keep your lights off when you most need it, and have them automatically turn on at peak hours to keep your home looking bright and busy.

Our systems give you the functionality to use your smartphone to keep your lights off and on. Log in to your account anytime to turn your living room lights off and your porch lights on. We make sure that you’re fully in control of your home’s lighting at all times to ensure the maximum amount of security and the minimum amount of cost.