Ronald Jones ‐ Client

We are very happy with our new V3 security system. We had a prominent, nationally advertised system installed in our home approximately three years ago. We certainly did not have any significant issues with this service, but we did recently receive information from them that our monthly bill was to go up. This happened about the same time that we were contacted by a V3 representative. He sat down with us and described the features and operations of their upgraded system. We were impressed with what their representative said and elected to have them replace our older and somewhat outdated system with their significantly improved equipment.

As before we have a security system that is monitored 24/7, with technical service to the system handled by an office located in the local community. The local law enforcement alarm permit is still in effect without any effort on our part.

This new system is functionally similar to the original system with the following exceptions:

  • The V3 system utilizes a wireless communication system that eliminates the possibility of having someone defeat the security system by cutting phone lines.
  •  They added a broken glass sensor that provides an extra layer of protection to the backside of the home.
  • The slightly larger touch screen control box located in the hallway is a very significant improvement over the system that it replaced. The controls are clear, simple and intuitively understandable. The color screen is an aid to its operation. We have more confidence in the use of the system due to the simplicity of the controls.
  • V3 system included a simple key fob that can be used to ‘arm’ and ’disarm’ the system when we are either inside or outside the home.

The installation technician arrived on the same day that we agreed to the installation. He was on time, polite, efficient and patient with us when we made inquiries on the operation of the system. He encountered some difficulties with some of the door and window sensors but corrected them by replacing the failed sensors with new items. He ‘cleaned-up’ after completing the installation, something that not all technicians feel a need to do.

With all of these improved systems and attendant operational features, we now pay the same monthly amount that we did with the old security system. And, we have a price guarantee that assures us that the monthly cost will not be raised over the next several years.

To summarize, the entire experience of working with the V3 folks was very positive. Polite and intelligent, they took their time to describe and explain the features of their system and patiently answered our sometimes uninformed questions. We have not had any difficulties with the system except for the one time that the man of the family inadvertently set off the alarm by opening a door in the AM without disarming the system. We can testify with confidence that it is loud and would be effective at attracting attention and driving away any unwanted guests.