Cruz Solorzano ‐ Kitchen Fire

I do not know how to begin to express My gratitude for saving Our Home, I am a huge skeptic and now a days having to be aware of door to door salesmen, I almost told Joe “No Thanks!” and closed the door on Him, I thank God I listened, to be quite honest I thought he was with Our existing alarm company whom we had been happy with for 6 years. I was impressed with the technology of the new system but also leery because I am not a High-Tech person at ALL! My main reason for getting an alarm is for my Elderly parents, whom are My most valued treasure, it was tough for Me to even give Joe a chance, I had a million questions, and he had a million and one answers. Joe was informative and not at all smart or rude in His demeanor. I appreciated that he was as concerned as I was with Our home servaillance. I questioned all options, features and benefits and greatly impressed Me with His solutions. What’s funny is the upgrade to our existing system was perfect, I added an additional motion detector to avoid any “blind spots” in the coverage of the alarm when it was on, whether we are home or not.  My Parents do not speak English and can barely manage their flip phone but the control panel is easy to use but they much better prefer to use the handy keychain remotes. I love the fact that Joe downloaded and showed Me how to use the smart phone app, I also cherish the fact that he made it even safer for Me by showing Me the level of security You can have. There are settings for a guest user, both on the home panel and the app has the feature remotely in case you’re not home, if you lose your cell phone or it gets stolen you can always set the app to open with a selected pin so the unauthorized user can’t gain access, I have six contacts in case immediate household members aren’t available. They added a smoke detector.  I didn’t ask for the smoke detector nor turn it down, it was included in the upgrade. Little did I know this upgrade would save our home!!!  The Morning of wednesay March 19th I was at work and managed to miss the app alert and phone call, everyone else on My contact list was contacted about the smoke alarm alert, I am glad the alarm system worked just like it was supposed to! It saved Our home by calling and letting the monitoring company know there was smoke detected in the house! My Mom left a pan on the stove and forgot about it, She and My Dad left to run errands, one of those errands was about 20 mins out of town and the fire dept had to bust through Our rear sliding glass door, but because the pan smoked before it was able to catch on fire the damage was pretty minimal compared to what it could have been given the fact that the stove had other items and grease on it! Thank God for Joe and all the wonderful staff at Your company. I am truly grateful that the worse did not happen and Our Home was saved from what could have been a devastating event, God Bless ALL of You and PLEASE keep up the Great Work!